Who Played the Spanish Guitar Intro of "Bungalow Bill"?

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You can hear the melancholic melody of Spanish Guitar at the beginning of White Album tune "The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill". The 7 second segment of Spanish Guitar solo is not played by any of the Beatles, clearly from technical reason. So whose performance is this?

It's Not Me! I had a view on this mystery, that the segment had been brought from a Spanish record, which Lennon bought during his trip to Spain (so nobody had mentioned on the fact). - But it was not true!!

The answer is MELLOTRON. The guitar phrase is one of the "fills" (sound library) of Mellotron Mark II. Each Mellotron fills are to have maximum 7 second length. You can get the sampler CD-ROM "Mike Pinder Mellotron" (AKAI), it contains Bungalow Bill's guitar sound. You can also hear the same sound on King Crimson's live album "EPITAPH".

Even Mark Lewisohn didn't mention on that, but some of the Mellotron players might have known the fact.

Then, who actually played? - According to the newsgroup rec.music.beatles, it's performed by Eric Cook, an Australian session guitarist. (Do you know him? - Please Mail Me!!)

Mellotron Link : Mellotron Archives UK

Reference : Keyboard Magazine (1997 Jan. by Rittor Music, excerpted from Keyboard Magazine USA, GPI Publications)

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