You know my name, Look up the number. You know my name, Look up the number. You know my name, Look up the number.
"You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)" is a truly weird Beatles track issued as B-side of "Let It Be" single in 1970. When I got devoted to The Beatles, I was collecting their officially released tracks, and maybe the last one was "You Know My Name". Although my first impression of the song was beyond description, I do believe it is one of their masterpieces which represents The Beatles' musical variety.

In 1995, alternate stereo version of "You Know My Name" was released on "ANTHOLOGY 2". It's longer version, but not 6:08 full version as described in Mark Lewisohn's "The Beatles Recording Sessions" - our expectations were betrayed.

Official Versions of "You Know My Name"
Original VersionAnthology Version

After "ANTHOLOGY", some "complete" versions made by combining the above two versions, were released on bootlegs, but most of them are still not perfect. Differences between the two versions are as shown below. 

Formation of "You Know My Name"
Original Version
Anthology Version


1-100:00-00:1600:00-00:16Heavy intro with drums, bass & piano.
1-200:16-00:46 (00:30)00:16-00:46 (00:30)Also heavy vocal by John and Paul. (A) skips the last 20 seconds of this part and all of part 2, and goes directly into part 3.
1-3-00:46-01:06 (00:20)(B) doesn't skip 1-3 and continues smoothly to the next part.
2-01:06-02:15 (01:09)'Ska' part, which had been omitted overall on the original version (A). A bit lengthy part, though.
300:46-02:19 (01:33)02:15-03:50 (01:35)John's prologue, then dirty Mac starts singing - 'Nightclub' part. (B) is a few seconds longer at the beginning.
4-1-03:50-04:12 (00:22)'Joking' part. Each version has original portions in part 4, and these 11 bars can be heard on (B) only.
4-202:19-02:28 (00:09)04:12-04:21 (00:09)John "You know, you know, you know my name...". Next part (4-3 and 4-4) are ignored on (B).
4-302:28-02:42 (00:14)-"Prrr, Prrr" and handclap are audible here.
4-402:42-02:54 (00:12)-Paul "You know my name, you know my number 2..."
4-502:54-03:02 (00:08)04:21-04:29 (00:08)"You know my name you know my number, what's up with you?"
503:02-04:19 (01:17)04:29-05:43 (01:14)'Jazzy' part which starts with John's "Yeah" and nimble piano. Paul's voice beyond saxophone solo is off-mixed on (A). However (B) fades out faster at ending.

Not only section 1 and section 2 (ska) added, a part of section 4 is edited out on Anthology version. The master tape must be as listed above, and total timing is about 6:08.

There are some variations of "complete" version of "You Know My Name". The version on "UPGRADED COLLECTION" is the best outfake and most recommended.

Complete Versions on Bootlegs
Hodge Podge 3 (Yellow Dog)
Get Back - Glyn Johns' Second Mix
05:37Unsuccessful version. The poor bootlegger has missed the portion in section 4!
Studio Mystery Tracks 506:08Nearly perfect. Small time lag is found at 5:16.
Upgraded Collection - Hilights (The Fool on Hog Hill)

Appendix: Recording data

1967. 5/17 (Wed) 19:00-26:30
Recording (Part 1, takes 1-14)
P&E: Geoff Emerick, 2E: Richard Lush
Handclaps and little vocal were also recorded.
14 takes of part 1 recorded, the best was take 10.
Rehearsal was also taped.
1967. 6/7 (Wed) 19:00-26:00
Recording (SI onto take 9, takes 20-24)
P: George Martin, E: Geoff Emerick, 2E: Richard Lush
Almost 20 minutes of rhythm track recording, beginning with take 20.
Title on the tape box was deleted and marked 'Instrumental - Unidentified'.
1967. 6/8 (Thu) 19:00-25:00
Recording (Part 2, takes 1-12; part 3, takes 1-4: part 4, takes 1-6; part 5, take 1)
P: George Martin, E: Geoff Emerick, 2E: Richard Lush
Lead guitar
Alto saxophone (Brian Jones)
Harmonica, bongos, a bird whistle and several other bits and pieces from the studio 2 were all used for part 5.
1967. 6/9 (Fri) 19:00-23:00
Editing (take 30) 
Mono mixing (remix, from take 30)
P: George Martin, E: Geoff Emerick, 2E: Richard Lush
 Take 30 of 6:08 was made with rhythm track only (consisting of take 9 of part 1, take 12 of part 2, take 4 of part 3, take 6 of part 4 and take 1 of part 5).
A rough mono remix was made for acetate cutting purposes.
1969. 4/30 (Wed) 19:15-26:00
Recording (SI onto take 30)
Mono mixing (remixes 1-3, from take 30)
P: Chris Thomas, E: Jeff Jarratt, 2E: Nick Webb
Sound effects
This session was done after guitar overdub on 'Let It Be'.
All of the song's vocals were added by John and Paul.
Mal Evans running a spade through a heap of gravel, John and Paul handclapping, coughing, spluttering and slipping - but much of this was later edited out.
3 new mono remix were made, and the 3rd mix was best.
1969. 11/26 (Wed) 19:00-27:00
Tape copying (RM 3, called RM 4)
Editing (RM 4)
P: Geoff Emerick/John Lennon, E: Mike Seady, 2E: Nick Webb
 This session was booked by the Plastic Ono Band for their single 'You Know My Name/ What's The New Mary Jane'.
A copy of the 'best' mono remix with 6:08 duration, named RM4, was duly edited down to 4:19.

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