~ The History of Beatles Outfakes ~
A compilation of legendary fakes and real or doubtful Beatles tracks. Most of the tracks are barely available in CDs now. Datas that have not been confirmed yet are coloured in red ( Please give me more info. ).
# I don't sell any CDs, please don't ask me how to get it.

Special Thanx to:
NABE-T for cover scan and info.
H. G. van Empel for detailed info on "It's Gonna Be Alright".
Erek Barsczewski for a lot of comments overall.
Peter van Schie for "Bed In" info (tracks 11 & 12).
Kristofer Engelhardt (author of Beatles Undercover) for Stones tracks.
T. Noro for "Imagine" and more on some Stones-related tracks.
Steve Kipner for background story of "Have You Heard The Word?"
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1It's Gonna Be AlrightSmyle(G. Kooymans) Smyle was a Dutch group, that had a hit in Holland in 1972 with "It's Gonna Be Alright" (Polydor 2050215). The group released 4 singles and no albums, and quit in 1974. Bas Muys, the lead singer of Smyle, also sung many Beatles hits on "Stars On 45" in 1981.
"It's Gonna Be Alright" can be heard on a vinyl album "...One, Two, Three, Four!"(Big Jolly Records JR008).
2Have You Heard the Word ?The Fut(Steve Kipner & Steve Groves) Single released from a Beacon label in 1971 (BEA160). Actually performed by Tin Tin, with their producer Maurice Gibb of The Bee Gees plus Billie Laurie. The song was thought to be performed by John Lennon (or The Beatles) with The Bee Gees, since it was introduced in the book "All Together Now".
John Lennon admired it's a good imitation. But Yoko Ono mistakenly applied for the song's copyright in 1985.
  • Online Interview with Mr. Steve Kipner
  • 3FuttingB side of single "Have You Heard the Word ?"
    4People SayJohn & PaulSingle 1965 from London label. "John & Paul" is not the Beatles. Also rumored to be performed by Pete Best
    5I'm Walking
    6L. S. Bumble BeePeter Cook and Dudley MooreSingle 1967 from Decca, recorded by the two English comedians.
    7Peace of MindThe BeatlesSaid to be found from trash in the EMI Studio. Omitted in Doug Sulpy's "The 910's Guide to The Beatles' Outtakes".
    8I Love You TooFourmost(Ryan-Jaques) From soundtrack of the movie "Ferry 'Cross The Mersey" (produced by George Martin). Recently reissued in stereo.
    9Frenzy and DistortionRavi ShankarSoundtrack of the movie "Raga" 1971 (produced by George Harrison).
    10Cheese and OnionsNeil InnesPerformance on the TV program "Saturday Night Live". The singer is also known as Ron Nasty of the Rutles.
    11Don't Let Me DownThe Beatles (John)UPDATED!
    "Bed In" Amsterdam, March 1969.
    It's from John & Yoko's Bed In at the Amsterdam Hilton. The guy who asks John to play is (probably) Jaap van Meekeren a Dutch journalist from that time. On the LP Spicy Beatles Songs (TMQ) you can hear him say: "Terug naar Hilversum" which means: Back to Hilversum (Hilversum is the town where the Dutch TV studios are).
    12Those Were the Days
    13Mean Mr. MustardKenny EverettPerformed on his radio program. Appeard on vinyl album "Those Were The Days".
    14Step Inside LoveThe Beatles
    Paul's demo in 1968. Also rumored to be played by Kenny Everett. The another real performance by Paul is available on "Anthology 3".
    15Bye Bye ByeKenny EverettFirst appeared on vinyl "Abbey Road Revisted". Lylics are related to the Beatles in 1967. Sound of Hammond organ is reported to be similar to that of "Blue Jay Way".
    16Oh My LoveThe WackersThe Canadian group covered the Lennon's song on the album "HOT WACKS"(Electra 75025) in 1972. Processed (higher tape speed) version on this CD.
    17BlackbirdThe Beatles (Paul)Paul's acoustic performances from Apple promotion film.
    18Helter Skelter
    19A Taste of HoneyThe BeatlesFrom Granada TV program "People And Places" in 1962.
    20Savoy Truffle
    Somebody seems to be singing along the legitimate Beatles tracks.
    21Honey Pie
    22Tribute to Kenny EverettKenny Everett
    & The Beatles
    From interview with the Beatles in 1968 (White Album session). Also available on a Japanese vinyl album "GOLDEN BEATLES".
    23Too Many CooksMick Jagger
    with the band
    (Bond-Dumbar-Wayne) Unreleased Mick Jagger song, produced in part by John. Recorded in late December 1973 during a break in Lennon's "Rock'N'Roll" sessions, according to Lee Keifer and May Pang.
    (Reference: "Beatles Undercover" written by Kristofer Engelhardt)
    24Sing This All TogetherThe Rolling Stones
    & The Beatles
    Outtake of the Rollong Stones' album "Satanic Majesties", in 1967. The Beatles is rumored to be on backing vocals.
    25Shades of OrangeThe End UPDATED!
    Track from 1st album by UK band called "The End" (1968, produced by Bill Weimann of the Rolling Stones).
    Appeared on Beatles bootlegs as the fabs are on backing vocals.
    26We Love YouThe Rolling Stones
    with John & Paul
    (Jagger-Richards) The Rolling Stones' single released on 1967.8/27, featuring John and Paul on backing vocals overdubbed.
    (Reference: "Beatles Undercover" written by Kristofer Engelhardt)
    27Have You Heard the Word ?The FutAlbum version.
    28Glass Onion(overdub)Instruments including synthesizer added on the legitimate Beatles track. It's a fake, but it's rather cool version!
    29ImagineQueen UPDATED!
    Performed live by Queen on 1980.12/10, immediately after John Lennon's tragedy.

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